Thursday, January 12, 2012


Iraq by salwan s. alabdaly

In January 2012, there have been bomb attacks across Iraq.

US, Israel benefit from violence in Iraq

Press TV: The current situation is also being portrayed by many as a sectarian struggle. But then again, who benefits from an unstable and disunited Iraq?

Lawrence Davidson, professor of West Chester University: Well, who benefits from it is the United States benefits from it and the Israelis benefit from it and the American political right wing benefits from it because they can point a finger at Obama and say, you see, you withdrew from the country and you left it to have civil war.

But in fact, the country went into a potential civil war mode when the Americans came in and invaded. So it is very difficult for the Americans to really put distance between themselves and whatever consequences there are now in Iraq, but in terms of benefit, look for the American Republican right wingers to make an issue of this during the presidential campaign.

Children of Iraq
Iraq by salwan s. alabdaly