Thursday, February 11, 2010


Iranians, by Abtin (

On 3 February 2010, Seumas Milne, in the Guardian, reported that The lessons of Iraq have been ignored. The target is now Iran

According to Seumas Milne:

1. The US is ­escalating the military build-up in the Gulf.

2. Ahmadinejad has renewed Iran's earlier agreement to ship most of its enriched uranium abroad to be reprocessed. But, the US is dismissive.

The UN nuclear agency, the IAEA, has not found any evidence that Iran is trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

3. As was the case with Iraq, "we are told that a dictatorial Middle Eastern state is secretly ­developing weapons of mass destruction, defying UN resolutions, obstructing inspections, threatening its neighbours and supporting terrorism."

4. As with Iraq, "no evidence has been produced to back up the WMD claims."

And "bogus leaks about secret programmes are regularly reproduced in the mainstream press."

A former CIA official reported that "US intelligence believed documents, published in the Times, purporting to show Iran planning to experiment on a 'neutron initiator' for an atomic weapon, had been forged."

5. Tony Blair "was allowed to turn what was supposed to be a grilling into a platform for war against Iran."

6. 37% of the British people now believe Blair should be put on trial for war crimes.

But Blair remains the Middle East envoy of the Quartet "even as he pockets £1m a year from a UAE investment fund currently negotiating a slice of the profits from the exploitation of Iraqi oil reserves."

7. Daniel Pipes recently wrote that the only way for Obama to save his presidency was to "bomb Iran".