Saturday, July 07, 2007

"I am absolutely convinced that these armed men, so called 'Al Qaeda', them along with the cars bombs, with the sectarian militias and their torture centers and their drills...are paid, trained and ordered by an American - Mossad - Iranian consortium to apply Bremer's policy: 'Let us bring them down to 5 million.' A deliberate policy to empty the country by terrorizing all of us." - A Postcard from Iraq.
Both the JSG and the SRR are run by Brigadier Gordon Kerr. Kerr’s career has taken him to troublespots all over the world. An officer in the Gordon Highlanders, he served briefly in Cyprus before his first posting in Northern Ireland in 1972. Tony Blair appointed Kerr to head up military intelligence in Iraq in 2003 – just two weeks after an inquiry into collusion with paramilitaries in Northern Ireland sent a file about Kerr to the director of public prosecutions. - Exposing Gordon Kerr and Tony Blair’s secret army7Apr07Socialist ...