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"Mossad agents within U.S. and British armies"
What about the Palestinian tragedy in Iraq?

"Did the July 7 London bombing crack down on Muslim communities who were rising side by side with other citizens looking for the truth and questioning their government for the illegal war in Iraq that was being justified by lies? The bombing diverted attention from internal scandals of the Tony Blair government, including Britain’s plans to go to war with Iraq well before September 11 of 2001."
Does Zarqawi really exist? Could he be serving Israel, the US, and ...

Who wants civil war in Iraq?

On Cheney, Rumsfeld order, US outsourcing special ops, intelligence to Iraq terror group, intelligence officials say

Generals call for Rumsfeld's resignation over Iraq

Jailed for refusing to take part in the invasion of Poland


"The orders to take the sexually-oriented photos and videos, some of which involve teenage Iraqi boys and girls and sodomization by their guards, came directly from a pedophile and closeted male homosexual ring operating in the White House, according to the intelligence sources. Copies of the tapes and photos were sent directly to the White House for the entertainment of senior members of the Bush White House, including officials in the Vice President's office and the Executive Office of the President."
" White House Ordered Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Sodomized "

Mossad terror: VIEWS & OPINIONS

Military = Mafia?

...In a dilapidated maternity and paediatric hospital in Diwaniyah, 100 miles south of Baghdad, Zahara and Abbas, premature twins just two days old, lie desperately ill. The hospital has neither the equipment nor the drugs that could save their lives. On the other side of the world, in a federal courthouse in Virginia, US, two men - one a former CIA agent and Republican candidate for Congress, the other a former army ranger - are found guilty of fraudulently obtaining $3m (£1.7m) intended for the reconstruction of Iraq. Http://,,1734939,00.html

Thaksin withdrew troops from Iraq. Thaksin got 60% of the vote in the recent election. Thaksin To Resign

YouGov poll on Iraq; brainwashing

US and UK forces establish 'enduring bases' in Iraq

"After every US military intervention since 1990 the Pentagon has left behind clusters of new bases in areas where it never before had a foothold. The new string of bases stretch from Kosovo and adjacent Balkan states, to Iraq and other Persian Gulf states, into Afghanistan and other central Asian states ... The only two obstacles to a geographically contiguous US sphere of influence are Iran and Syria."

An ever-growing number of veterans of the Iraq conflict are campaigning against the war.
'If you start looking at them as humans, then how are you gonna ...

US asked to cede Iraq control

Rival Shia groups unite against US after mosque raid

They have sex BEFORE they have supper... they enjoy rubbing their behinds together...Bonobos shed an exciting new light... on "the role of sex in human society and overthrow established theories of the biological inevitability of human aggressiveness and the drive for power."

What really happened in Kosovo

Norman Kember

US veterans claim they saw Iraqi civilians being murdered by US troops

American Arrested in Bolivian Bombings

A child is killed by a gun every three hours in America.On average, more than 80 Americans are killed by gunfire every day.,,1736424,00.html

Profs Document Hijacking of U.S. Foreign Policy

Depleted Uranium In India, Spreading Worldwide

Operation Swarmer: Designed to Foment Iraqi Civil War

Iraqi police report details of civilians' deaths at hands of U.S. troops

In 1911, the Italians bombed Libyan civilians from the air. In 1912 the French began bombing Moroccan civilians from the air. In 1913 the Spanish began bombing Moroccan villagers from the air. They later used poison gas. In 1915 the British began the aerial bombardment of Pathan villages on India’s North-West Frontier. In 1919 the British bombed Afghan civilians from the air. The British aerial bombardment of Dacca killed 600.Over 90 years of terrorist activity by western countries.

What really happened in Kosovo

Thousands attend anti-war protests

A family in Tikrit were murdered yesterday morning in an American raid. Eleven shot to death, including five children, one as young as seven months, before their house was blown up. Inoculations

Iraq: this is part of a pattern that reaches back to the founding of the US, and has characterized the behavior of all advanced capitalist states.
Iraq: this is part of a pattern. Part II
Iraq: this is part of a pattern. Part III
Iraq: this is part of a pattern. Part IV

The Hague were losing the case against Milosevic because he provided documented evidence of US government support of Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden... Today, Hussein fingered the hidden hand behind the staged bombings in Iraq and his microphone was immediately shut off by the judge.

The Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks, sparking a policy battle between neo-cons and Big Oil, BBC's Newsnight has revealed.

Tell Helen Boaden about the BBC's endless flow of insidious messages downplaying the criminality of what Britain and America have done to Iraq.

UK diplomat's memo to Blair about Iraq:. A lack of interest by the US commander, General Tommy Franks, in the post-invasion phase.· The presence in the capital of the US Third Infantry Division, which took a heavyhanded approach to security.· Bechtel, the main US civilian contractor, moving too slowly to reconnect basic services, such as electricity and water.· Failure to deal with health hazards, such as 40% of Baghdad's sewage pouring into the Tigris and rubbish piling up in the streets.,,1730427,00.html

US security contractor caught with bomb equipment in Iraq?

The arming of Iraq by the USA

What really happened to Yugoslavia....

The man’s name is Ali Shalal Qaissi. And he was arrested by the American military after he complained to the media after American soldiers dumped garbage on a small local soccer field. Hard to believe, isn’t it? That a middle-aged man can be arrested for that? And 'interrogated’ at Iraq’s most infamous torture prison for nearly six months? The American guard who tortured Ali is named Specialist Sabrina Harman...The Story behind INFAMOUS Abu Ghraib Hooded Prisoner comes out

SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq

"As far as the Americans were concerned, the Iraqi people were sub-human, untermenschen. You could almost split the Americans into two groups: ones who were complete crusaders, intent on killing Iraqis, and the others who were in Iraq because the Army was going to pay their college fees. They had no understanding or interest in the Arab culture. The Americans would talk to the Iraqis as if they were stupid and these weren't isolated cases, this was from the top down.""The Americans had this catch-all approach to lifting suspects. The tactics were draconian and completely ineffective. The Americans were doing things like chucking farmers into Abu Ghraib or handing them over to the Iraqi authorities, knowing full well they were going to be tortured." I didn't join the British Army to conduct American foreign policy

Black Op Murder of Christian Activist in Iraq

Many researchers tie former President George H W Bush to the CIA as far back as the 1950s, and indicate that one of his jobs was to consolidate and coordinate the world’s biggest industry—the global narcotics trade. The Vietnam 'war’ may have been a cover for US consolidation of the 'Golden Triangle’, formerly under the control of the French... In the revealing book about the abandonment of POWs/MIAs, Kiss the Boys’ Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs in Vietnam, Monika Jensen-Stevenson writes: Relations between Bush and Perot had gone downhill ever since the Vice President had asked Ross Perot how his POW/MIA investigations were going. "Well, George, I go in looking for prisoners", said Perot, "but I spend all my time discovering the government has been moving drugs around the world and is involved in illegal arms deals ... I can’t get at the prisoners because of the corruption among our own people." Planet Earth As Weapon and Target

The plan was to wreck Iraq

Depleted Uranium - US Lung Cancer Rates Soar

Two killed, four wounded in Basra shooting; some victims reportedly Britons
WRH comment: 'This sounds a lot like the earlier incident where British agents were caught red-handed playing Arab bombers.'

Daniel Pipes - Civil War in Iraq would not be that bad for our interests

Hello Iran, Bye Iraq; US GIs on Video; Drilling USA; Talabani woos Sadr; "Smoking" Iraqis

Anti-Iraq War Protest in GB

Blair Approval Rating Falls to 28%

Teacher Probed Over Bush Remarks

Denmark centre of Mossad activity

UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells. RADIATION detectors in Britain recorded a fourfold increase in uranium levels in the atmosphere after the “shock and awe” bombing campaign against Iraq, according to a report. Environmental scientists who uncovered the figures through freedom of information laws say it is evidence that depleted uranium from the shells was carried by wind currents to Britain.,,2087-2047373,00.html

DEPLETED URANIUM contaminating Europe

DU kids

Nuclear link as cancer toll doubles in parts of Scotland

Sammara eyewitness have published accounts on various websites, like, saying US and Iraqi forces had sealed off access ways to the Shrine the night prior to the explosion.

Operation Gladio: Template for the War on Terror

Pentagon-Controlled Iraqi National Guard Implicated in Samarra Mosque Bombing

DU Scandal Explodes - Horrendous US Casualties

A new plot to divide Muslims

Two-thirds of US detainee killings 'go unpunished'

John Reid and the brutal beating of teenagers


Report probes US custody deaths

9 11 was not the first act of terror
Terror in Europe - The Stay Behind Groups run by the security services.

One Thousand A Month Tortured To Death In Iraq

Youths, brutally beaten by UK troops, may be charged with attempted murder. / Middle East & Africa / Iraq - Iraq economy falls below pre-war levels

Pictures speak a thousand words

The only way for the United States to prolong its Iraqi adventure is to perpetuate chaos; Iraq as the new Afghanistan...The White House/Pentagon policy is... turning Iraq into Afghanistan, where warlords, religious or secular, and tribal sheikhs defend their mini-states armed to their teeth, and criminal gangs run parallel to death squads.

British/American/Israeli culture?

Will the soldiers who beat 4 Iraqi children be punished?

The spin from the News of the World: the British army does not have a long history of using torture?

Video shows British troops brutally beating Iraqi children inside military compound. Video shows corpse.

President Bush said: "The US was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours. If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach."

Australia expands Iraq oil inquiry

Shock and stupidity

The Straussian plan for total war and destruction in the Middle East

Carlyle Group, USIS, Col Westhusing....

German media reports on collusion of German intelligence agents in ... Iraq

New calls to impeach Blair
General Rose,3604,1683448,00.html
Impeach Blair over Iraq: UK general

New Year Resolution: Shock and Awe to Replace Troops in Iraq

Wayne Madsen reports on consequences of a US attack on Iran

Bush pulls plug on Iraq rebuild

The coming violent creation of Kurdistan?

Worldwide election fraud

Sizeable Minorities Still Believe Saddam Hussein Had Strong Links to Al Qaeda, Helped Plan 9/11 and Had Weapons of Mass Destruction

Emblem of Apartheid Resurfaces in Iraq

Violence rages in post-poll Iraq

Iraq strikes off 100 poll candidates

Military Confirms Surge in Airstrikes

Did the USA use cyanide gas against the Kurds at Halabja?

Mrs Saddam says Saddam is not Saddam

Peace activists targeted for speaking out

60% of Iraqis oppose occupation troops according to survey

Document puts lie to oil executives' testimonyDid Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?

Britain 'trying to stall £1.3bn theft inquiry that could hurt ...

Muriel Degauque and Charleroi updated

Pentagon death squads in Iraq

Pentagon Black Ops: Abducting Peacemakers in Iraq

'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers

Iraq's oil: The spoils of war

UK troops were trained to use white phosphorus to kill Iraqis.

Iraqi Interior Minister and Iran run 6 other torture chambers

Which Iranian leaders work for the CIA?

Updated 14 November 2005 Jordanian security forces evacuated Israelis from hotel before the bombing - according to Haaretz.

Death squads in Iraq

A Tale of Two Generals


Prohibited weapons

Vote fraud

Fascist Americans massacre more innocent civilians

'Israeli Traitors & Troop Killers'

Oil-for-food scandal is sweeping dozens of nations and corporations,5744,17110477^28737,00.html

Israel and bombs in Iraq

Al-Sistani said to weigh pullout demand

Aziz denies saying Galloway personally profited from oil-for-food.

Russia says oil-for-food probe used fake documents

Votes in return for food


Niger-Gate: Italian spy chief Pollari, Michael Ledeen, Larry Franklin, Stephen Hadley, Bush...

Rocco Martino has yet to be interviewed by the FBI

The ground war in Syria has begun

Hariri: prime witness in the UN report is a convicted criminal

`The Greatest Strategic Disaster in U.S. History'

Israel could nuke USA and Europe? Interview with Vanunu

Iran arrests 'British agents' in connection with bombings.

'Halliburton operates Iraq oil fields'

Iraq vote figures do not add up

Iraq vote fraud - FT report

In 12 provinces 99% vote in favour of Iraq's new constitution? Vote fraud?

The carve-up of the Middle East; the unleashing of ethnic and sectarian tensions; Syria in danger.

Curious numbers in Ninevah

The provinces of Anbar, Ninevah, Diyala, Salahuddin and Kirkuk all rejected the constitution?

Bombs, initially created by the UK security services, killed eight British soldiers in Iraq:

Some Iraqis can't find polling stations.

US troops 'starve Iraqi citizens'

'Americans disguised as Arabs try to set off bomb'.

Much of the Iraqi government exists only on paper.

Special forces suicides

UK forces destabilising Iraq?
Saddam may never come to trial?

UK military not sure that Iran is supplying weapons.

Iran not interfering in Iraq-Iraqi prime minister

UK troops leave Basra

Israelis in Basra?
UK government admits Iraq mass graves story is untrue
The Independent on Sunday asks questions about the undercover soldiers arrested in Basra.
Hart Viges
Professor Paul Wilkinson, Frank Kitson and pseudo gangs.
In Iraq the British are in bed with Mossad?
Brigadier Kerr carrying out covert operations in Iraq?
Intelligence Operations in Ireland and Iraq

British soldiers in terrorist attack?

Basra's governor withdraws all co-operation.

"It was a booby-trapped car laden with ammunition and was meant to explode in the centre of the city of Basra in the popular market."

Iraqi Interior Minister says the 2 British soldiers were not handed to any militia.

British bombing of innocent Iraqis in the 1920s - to safeguard oil interests.

How Britain invented terror bombing in 1920s Iraq

Some of the views of the public


Iraqis have accused British special forces of planning a terrorist attack on Basra.
Sheikh Hassan al-Zarqani said the two undercover soldiers seized by Iraqi police were armed with explosives and a remote control detonator.

New evidence that bombs are being planted by British Commandos

Americans planting bombs?

British Special Forces Caught Carrying Out Staged Terror In Iraq?

'The so-called "insurgent" bombings are really being carried out by UK and US operatives'; the role of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

British 'undercover' soldiers 'carrying explosives kill Iraqi policeman'. Is Britain secretly at war with the government of Iraq?

The two soldiers were using a civilian car packed with explosives

MI6 caught with explosives in BASRA?

US military involved in one of the largest thefts in history?

Iraqi: "I believe it is the Americans who are doing this, pretending it is the Sunni, so there will be a civil war and they can control our wealth."

The plan always was: Iraq to be divided up, just like Yugoslavia. Saudi Arabia may be next.

Abou Moussab Al-Zarkaoui est mort.

Pentagon behind the bombs in Iraq?

Zarqawi and psy-ops


Saddam worked for the CIA